The Haunting And Paradise Taxi Cynthia Lynn


Published: February 18th 2013



The Haunting And Paradise Taxi  by  Cynthia Lynn

The Haunting And Paradise Taxi by Cynthia Lynn
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KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW offers a brief book description, and says this about the narrator, Clarissa Max, …befriends several lively, intriguing older citizens. They include Nellie, a wise woman who reads romances- Henry, who regrets his estrangement from his adult son- Violet, who asks Clarissa to be a go-between in her extramarital affair- the pushy, talky Letty- and the mysterious Max, who haunts Clarissa’s thoughts, and adds this: …The novel’s promising message—that life presents unexpected detours, but always provides the right people at the right time… and ends with this notes, …features lovely, poetic phrases such as “cicada night” and “the pad of paws followed me...The narrator of this story is the once fun loving Clarissa Max, an under thirty single female reporter who loses a good life in the big apple city thanks to a pink slip—she tells a story about the mystic spinning of fateful threads that takes place before the economic boom of the 1990s and the serendipity that lands her in the northwest central Florida Cracker antecedent town of Citrusville during the rainy season comes with a haunting that changes her destiny.

In this out of the way hamlet, where Eds Diner is the meeting place for an aging Cracker clientele who trade stories about the fate of sinners that wont change their ways, a single female doesnt live alone, and this freelance hack writer with a rolodex bemoans her main priority: keeping the tin roof over her head even if it leaks--Letty Lovelace, a fiercely independent snowbird from New Jersey retiree on a quest for a man who is a great traveling companion insists love is a thing for readers of romances has a friend, Max who leads Clarissa to another direction that begins with a journey far away, but like the oak tree nesting birds flying north and south, east and west, Clarissa remembers the oak tree branches are in the place where time stops, and by telling this story, she can still come back to where she belongs.

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