The Residual Years: Poems 1934-1948 William Everson

ISBN: 9781574230550

Published: December 1st 1997


388 pages


The Residual Years: Poems 1934-1948  by  William Everson

The Residual Years: Poems 1934-1948 by William Everson
December 1st 1997 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 388 pages | ISBN: 9781574230550 | 9.70 Mb

This magisterial work of scholarly reconstruction restores the entirety of William Eversons early poetry in a single volume, including not only the full contents of the 1948 New Directions edition of The Residual Years -- first section of Eversons life trilogy, The Crooked Lines of God -- but subsequent textual variants and later author revisions, as well as an extensive compilation of uncollected and unpublished poems from 1934-1948, all of which combine to allow us a fascinating first look at this poets beginnings and the development of his art.Emerging here in a sudden annunciation of gifts, in poems of the mid-1930s Eversons individual voice can be perceived evolving from that of his master, Robinson Jeffers.

Along with Jeffers the greatest of our poets of Western landscape, Everson from the first incorporates psyche into that stark landscape in a way very much his own -- while also purposefully echoing a bardic tradition projected from his Nordic roots:The year dies fiercely: out of the north the beating storms, And windat the roofs edge, lightning swording the low sky: This year dyinglike some traitored Norse stumbling under the deep wounds,The furious steel smashing and swinging.From the northern room I watch in the dusk,And being unsocial regard the coming year coldly,Suspicious of strangers, distrustful of innovations,Reluctant to chance one way or another the unknown.I leave this year as a man leaves wine,Remembering the summer, bountiful, the good fall the monthsmellow and full.I sit in the northern room, in the dusk, the death of a year,And watch it go down in thunder.

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