Becoming a Modest Society Gregory Loewen

ISBN: 9781608606337

Published: June 25th 2009


252 pages


Becoming a Modest Society  by  Gregory Loewen

Becoming a Modest Society by Gregory Loewen
June 25th 2009 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 252 pages | ISBN: 9781608606337 | 4.50 Mb

In the sequel to his fascinating analysis of religion and science, What is God?, Loewen proceeds to ask the major question implicit in this previous work- What then is Human? His responses take us on a journey from what has been human and what we are today, and allow us to confront some of our favorite conceptual confusions, including such as those between morals and ethics, modesty and humility, and criticism and critique amongst many others.

Along the way he defends Wal-Mart, analyses the Dixie Chicks, suggests we temporarily stop having children while also questioning our motives regarding their nascent sexuality, and tells us how we can share the consciousness of another in bizarre circumstances.

Engaging the reader with both philosophical and personal narrative, A Modest Society is a must read for all those concerned with not only the current state of social relations, but of humanity itself.

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